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Do you want to:

  • Communicate your needs without guilt 

  • Set and respect your own boundaries

  • Experience that self-love you’ve heard of or read online

  • Stop censoring yourself to please others 

  • Feel equipped to deal with your anxiety triggers 

  • Trust yourself to handle challenges 

  • Become your friend and stop being your enemy

Here is how I can help you get there. 

(IFS) Internal Family Systems Therapy 
Befriending all parts of you. 

IFS can help you understand and accept who you are and give you a sense of control over what’s happening inside of you.

Have you tried to reason with your anxiety or get rid of your inner critic by ignoring him? Maybe you tried to bully your procrastinating part to submission? If you're anything like me, those efforts probably didn't bring the results you were hoping for. 

In IFS therapy, instead of rejecting those parts of you, we can befriend and understand them. When we hear them out instead of ignoring them, they often don't have to shout at us quite so loud (or give us painful sensations or symptoms). 

If it feels impossible to accept something so deeply unpleasant, painful and terrifying, you came to the right place. Through IFS therapy, you can start getting to know your feelings at a pace that feels safe. 

When we experience trauma, it is difficult to trust ourselves and listen to the answers within. Using trauma-informed approaches, you will be able to trust your own answers again and will be your own guide in life. 

I am a qualified IFS practitioner and have completed the official Level 1 training via the IFS Institute.

Polyvagal Theory
The nervous system key to wellbeing.

Polyvagal Theory can help us better understand the causes behind your anxiety, overwhelm or depression and work with them. 


By understanding your nervous system, you can move between different emotions without getting stuck in survival responses such as anxiety. It's based on trauma research and wonderful for working with those of us who have lived through trauma. 

I'm trained in Level 1 Foundations of Polyvagal Practice by Deb Dana and the Polyvagal Institute in the USA. Find out more about Polyvagal Theory here. 

I really look forward to meeting all parts of you (including the ones who are afraid of going to therapy and those who are ashamed of that).

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