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Individual Counselling

Individual therapy can help you:


  • Be the person you needed when you were growing up - your own friend. 

  • Befriend parts of you that cause you 'trouble' in every-day life: the anxious one, the self-critical one, the one that procrastinates 

  • Understand what parts of you need and give yourself exactly that 

  • Experience more self-compassion and less struggle 

  • Learn how to help yourself in difficult situations

  • Build resilience and trust in yourself

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What to expect

What to expect from sessions

  • Having someone who's on your side as you learn to navigate your past or present difficulties.

  • Respecting your boundaries. 

  • Guidance of a qualified professional who has been through the therapy process.

  • Being offered handouts, exercises, journalling prompts or 'meditation-style' audio exercises 

  • My compassion for all of the parts of you which are hurting.

  • Taking time - this isn't a fast process and we will be moving at a pace that feels safe to you. 

  • Occasionally being invited to dip your toes into tricky feelings for as long as it feels comfortable to you.  

What not to expect 

  • Advice on what to do or what decisions to make (but I I can help you figure it out)

  • Magic bullet solutions and 'growth-hacks' (I really wish they worked!)

  • Having to disclose details of traumatic events 

  • Judgment, 'shoulds' or an expectation to be a certain way 

  • An expert analysis of you - I treat you as an expert in your life and am here to support you, not change you (because I actually believe you don't need to change yourself in order to be happy).

The admin-y things! 

  • Sessions last 60 minutes 

  • We meet weekly or fornightly on Zoom

  • Sessions cost $120 (New Zealand Dollars) or if you're a client from Poland (my home country), the fee is 250 PLN. 

  • Payment is via bank transfer

  • Sessions are available in English and Polish.​

  • Due to insurance limitations, I'm unable to offer therapy to clients based in the USA and Canada. 

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What to expect
Packages and pricing


After an initial coaching session, coaching packages are sold in monthly subscriptions. You can have up to one session for every week of your subscription. As an example, a two-month subscription purchased on January 1st would terminate on March 1st or at the end of 8th session, whichever comes first. Each coaching session will take place online over Zoom and will last 1.5. Prices are in New Zealand Dollars. 

Do you want to:

- Ditch the fear of being "too much" 

- Express yourself fully and authentically 

- Live according to your values, not to-do lists 

- Be kind and supportive to yourself 

- Feel able to rest and relax

- Manage your anxiety 

- Know your value and be confident?

Sounds like exactly what you need?

Send me a message 

Let me know you're thinking about therapy. I really welcome all questions you may have about me, my education, the therapy process, what to expect etc. (no question is silly!). 

Schedule a free initial consultation call (30 mins)

You can book a free (Whatsapp) call to talk about your needs and I will answer any questions you have about working with me. This conversation is to see if we are a good fit to work together and if counselling is the right type of support for you.  Drop me a line to book your call. 

There's no obligation to work with me after the initial consultation call! I get it. We can book your first session after the call or you can e-mail me at a later date if you decide it's the right thing for you. 

I get it. Sometimes anxiety can make the decision-making process a bit paralyzing. We may procrastinate because of being scared. 

Would some more information help? 


I've had therapy before and it didn't work, how will this be different?

Hey, me too! I've had many attempts at therapy before I found a person and an approach that helped me. I love working with people who have had therapy before as much as I like to support those new to counselling. In both cases, I welcome your scepticism. I think trust is something to be earned and there's no expectation for all parts of you to be on board straight away if you had experiences of therapy which didn't meet your needs.


During our introduction call, I will ask you about past experiences with therapy to see if I can offer you something different. I will also note what you don't want as well as what you do want this time around. 


I also encourage you to have a read about the approaches I use- IFS and Polyvagal Theory. You can search for Deb Dana and Richard (Dick) Schwartz who explain these modalities. If it speaks to you, I encourage you to give therapy another go, it's exhausting to try again, but so so worth it. 

Who do you work with?

I work with people experiencing symptoms of persistent anxiety, depression, and emotional overwhelm. Those struggling with anxiety, emotional dysregulation, perfectionism, people-pleasing, inability to be assertive, toxic relationship patterns, insecure attachment. Many of my clients struggle with feeling stressed in social situations, overachieving and feeling burntout, emotional eating, constant feeling of shame and guilt. I work with people from all walks of life, and cultures. I am a white, cishet woman (she/her pronouns). I come from Poland, and I'm committed to the decolonisation of indigenous spaces, I'm a feminist and an LGBTQIA+ ally. I constantly work on improving my cultural competency to be able to help those from cultures different than my own.

Who do you not work with?

If you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis, it's not the right time for us to work together. If you're in crisis, please seek help here (NZ only). I also can't help you with issues related to psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or personality disorders at this stage. 

What qualifies you to do this work?

I am a student of Masters of Counselling at Massey University and work under clinical, IFS and cultural supervision. In my work, I draw from my extensive training and my own experience of therapy. I hold an MSc. in Psychology of Mental Health, a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and specialised training to work as a trauma therapist. As part of my Masters,  I am working towards my provisional registration with the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC). You can read more about my education, qualifications and work experience here. If you'd like to know more, just reach out. I always welcome questions about my qualifications - you deserve to know.

How do I know it will actually work?

Even though it may be difficult to hear, we can't know if it will definitely work. That's why we will check in about progress and how useful the sessions are for you as we go. Success will depend on the relationship and right fit with the counsellor, your capacity for change, if your environment supports your healing or makes it harder and your goals for therapy - what success in therapy looks like for you. Counselling won't help you get rid of unpleasant feelings, because that's physically impossible. But what we do know is that it's easier to naviagte difficult times and feelings when we're not alone with them. I can promise you is that you will learn to relate to your anxious, critical and overwhelmed parts of you differently. I'm committed to helping you regain trust in yourself as the source of self-love and self-care.

Time will go by either way, but if you use that time to work on what's bothering you, you may be at a different place a month or a year from now. I encourage you to take the next step and start (or continue) the healing work. I'll be rooting for you every step of the way. 

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