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for all parts of you

A safe space

Welcome to this corner of the internet where all parts of you are welcome.

Hey, life is messy.. so as counsellor in training, I offer trauma-informed therapy for people who often feel anxious, overwhelmed or not good enouogh.  

You can work with me online from (almost) anywhere in the world. 

Do you:

  • Always feel anxious

  • Ignore and push through anxiety until it becomes overwhelming 

  • Keep setting higher and higher goals but still worry you're not good enough

  • Make yourself small to please people

  • Often feel ashamed and struggle with social anxiety

  • Feel resentful because you can't set boundaries and don't get your needs met

  • Want to love yourself but all you think is "I should be more this...,  "I shouldn't say that.. " 

If that sounds like you, I'd love to help 


Hi, I'm Zosia 

A human first and foremost. 

Through years of therapist training*, research, and personal therapy, I learned how to work with difficult feelings in a way that's safe.

Outside of my practice I'm a potter, a rock climber, a friend, a partner, a daughter and a counseling client myself. Like to most of us, 'life happened' to me too. That's how I know how powerful therapy can be in helping you become your own friend, your own cheerleader. I'd love to help you get there. 

* I am currently in the second year of a Masters of Counselling programme at Massey University. 

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